Of course your already own a tick remover set! This post is just a reminder as I know you’re not the kind of person to let your dog have ticks. I’m not either but hey, life happens. And I mean walk in the woods, parks…

This post just exists because my Berner got 3 ticks in 2 days. Well, we had some awesome walks in the wild, crossing woods and walking on cliffs by the sea, and we even landed in some farmers fields (yeah we shouldn’t have been there, oops).

I don’t know where you live and if your dog already started to get ticks this year but needless to say you should inspect your pup for those nasty things (I don’t even know if ticks have a purpose in life? Are they useful to nature?)

Okay so as I said iI just wanted to remind everyone that a tick removal tool is around $5-7 and is super helpful.  You can get some on Amazon (see below), but I’m sure your favorite pet supplies store carry those too.

Tick Remover

The Tick Twister kit is the best selling tick removal kit on Amazon, mine are exactly like those:
tick remover
NOTE! There are options for this product above: you can buy just one set, or save with pack of 2, 3, 4.

And if you’re planning to go on vacation, make sure to bring those with you too!

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