This is maybe the most important page you’ll see on this website. Please read every word of it as I have some critical information to share with you. 

If you love your dog…

I hope the content on this page will make a positive difference in how you think about your dog’s health. We certainly share the same love for our dogs, below is my beautiful Berner 😉

You see, I want the best lifestyle for my dog, I want him to be happy and healthy. And I’m pretty sure you, as a dog owner and lover, want the same.

There are probably questions you have or had in mind about your dog health, nutrition, training, grooming, recreation… me too!

And you have to dig for answers, though answers are not always the truth, and then make wise choice on your beliefs.

Here’s a quick example of the kind of beneficial information I’m sharing inthe new Dog Owners Gang (a private and free membership). Health is one damn important topic, you agree?

Question: Do you vaccinate your pet?

You know what they say “if you love your pet, then vaccinate”. Or maybe I just invented that…

Anyway, did you know that vaccinating your dog every year may simply be… unnecessary!?

I was shocked too. It’s actual scientific research, and it’s not news (until you know!). Read that article:

Then come back I’ll wait 😉

You’re back? Awesome.

Quoting just the #1 step discussed in the article:

“once administered to adult animals, provide lifetime immunity.”
“antibodies from the previous vaccine will block the replication of the new vaccinal virus […] The immune status of the patient is not enhanced”
“Few or no scientific studies have demonstrated a need for cats or dogs to be revaccinated”

As the article says, make sure that each and every vaccine is necessary. And if it helps you save money…

So maybe this is the kind of information you want to know?

Well there are some more health tips in the D.O.G newsletter.

But there’s more 🙂

The D.O.G also delivers:

  • easy and quick treat recipes that you’d even want to taste yourself,
  • special offers and exclusive deals so you save money,
  • cool grooming at home advice so both of you and your dog enjoys the moment,
  • simple training tricks that will change your life.

It’s built with YOU in mind, so there’s no spam there. And it’s free forever.

Oh, by the way, your dog breed doesn’t matter to become a member of the D.O.G.

As stated earlier, this membership is for people who make their dogs wellbeing and lifestyle a priority.

So… are you in?

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