As promised, I’m adding more new shirts, the goal is to have many designs you can choose from. Again, you can give me your ideas and I’ll create those. For now, I just added one that should have come first: I Heart My Berner and an allover I Heart my Bernese Mountain Dog.

They are added to the BMD collection here, and available as ladies tee, gents tee and a hoodie as well, 5 colors each 😉

I Heart My Berner Shirt

You can click on each picture to directly access the shirt page.

This is the “berner colors” style, with a tan and white print. So on a black shirt you get your bernese mountain dog colors, but of course I added more colors for each (men, women and hoodie), so make your choice!

I Heart My Berner Black shirts

Same message but this time I added a clear red heart, which looks good on all shirt colors.
I Love My Berner shirts

I Heart My Bernese Mountain Dog

For all BMD lovers these are  the outfit with a the simple message to shout it out loud. This takes the whole printable area.

I Heart My Bernese Mountain Dog shirts

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