Dog Food Review & Study

Dog food is a huge topic, so I had to publish a little post about it. You’ll find a link to a big study, and at the end a little question for you to answer in one click:

What do you feed your dog? Please Answer!

This is a question you certainly had prior to having your dog or puppy. Maybe like me, you did some research online, or followed the advice of your breeder or friends.

There are so many dog food formulas available on the market that it’s hard to make a choice. Plus budget is also to take into consideration.

Despite all the marketing claims, it’s hard to believe that the same food, every day for the whole life of our dogs is a complete BALANCED meal. Sure, it’s more convenient to put kibbles in the bowl, but our pets health is important too.

Now I know, there are some super premium dog food out there, I’ve been one of their buyer and defender for years. My BMD was on Orijen dry food, grain free, 80% meat…

The BIG Dog Food Study

Here’s an awesome dog food review and study from of the best formulas (thousands of products analyzed). They tell you what to look for, and why so many don’t pass the test.

It’s very, VERY interesting and eye opening if you never researched the topic before, a must read for anyone who is concerned about dog nutrition, and that’s why I bring this up so you at least know what is around.

I personally chose to go grain free from the start. My berner is (was) on Orijen because it was already one of the top recommended dog food. I recently switched to raw feeding, anyone here too?

So what do you feed your dog? Please answer below in the comments. What do you feed your dog? Dry or wet dog food? Homemade meals? Prey model or BARF?

What Do You Feed Your Dog?

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