Dog Floating Toys

Does your dog likes water? Then maybe you already have, or need some dog floating toys. But before we talk about those, let’s bring back some memories.

I remember some comments on the facebook page some time ago from many owners who have berners who hate water and would never go further that their paws tips.

I’m not sure we can say they hate or will forever hate, it takes a bit of time. I personnally waited that my boy was almost one year old to see him go in water, and swim naturally. Yeah we don’t need to teach them how to swim! But entering the water is the hardest part!

Just one tip: don’t force them. Don’t push them. It will come from them. If they feel and see it’s a fun thing to do, then water will not scare them at all. And when the hot summer will strike, your dog won’t even ask authorization to take a bath! 😉

Here’s how it happened for us. We have friends who have a golden retriever. If you know the breed, they love water! This dog could not only swim, but also completely dive into water. Like running and jumping for a big splash, or taking diving from a higher spot. It was impressive!

So one day walking our dogs in a park that also included a lake, my friend started to throw sticks in the water and his dog would run and bring it back. My dog would run too but stop right when his paws touched water.

So we encouraged him progressively. First throw the stick not too far in the water so he could grab the floating stick. Then a little further, and a little further (holding the Golden so he let my Berner do the job). After few minutes, they were swimracing to reach the stick, sometimes even bringing the stick together.

That’s the key. It must be fun for your dog. Soon enough, your dog will enjoy refreshing his body at the beach.

Now maybe you don’t have friends with dogs enjoying water. Ah! Well you can still take the progressive approach as described earlier. Depending on where you want your dog to bath, you may also be able to bath yourself with.

Believe me, swimming with your dog is awesome. Just be careful when your pup is swimming close to you. Big swimming paws can leave some scratches on your body. Yes, I’ve learned that too 😉

Dog Floating Toys


Alternatively, you can use floating toys. If your dog has a toy that he or she enjoys playing with, and it’s also floaty, then it can do the trick. Again patience is the master word. I don’t want to overwhelm you with too many options.

Here are 2 options for dog floating toys you may want to invest in to get your dog to swim (or your dog can swim but there’s not always a stick around you). Both are by ChuckIt!

ChuckIt! Ultra Ball

ChuckIt! Ultra Ball Dog Floating Toy
Those are the best dog toys balls anyway, and come in 5 different sizes!

ChuckIt! Amphibious Bumper Floating Fetch Toy

ChuckIt! Dog Floating Fetch Toy

Both those dog floating toys should make your dog happy and willing to test this strange stuff called water.

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