Do you think dogs provide the best medicine around, namely LOVE? If you think your Berner is the awesome doctor you can consult anytime-life-happens then, we’re on the same page ;). I thought it was a good idea, and would made a funny shirt. So the BMD (Bernese Mountain Dog) and made this cool Bernese MD shirt design.

Drum roll please…

Bernese MD – Certified Love Therapist

Bernese MD
To me it’s as fun as it is true! I just can’t describe how big is my BMD’s heart. I tell him I love him and I can see in his eyes he loves me millions times more. Oh I’m getting emotional…

Anyway click the image above to see all the colors and styles (mens, ladies and hoodies), or visit the Bernese Mountain Dog Shirts store to see all the designs I made for you 😉

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